Air Traffic Club 500 Picnic
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Every year the AT Club 500 Charter Members meet in Mesa, Arizona for fun, friendship, golf and that fish fry AT is so famous for.  As always, Dee Nelson (Former AT Manager and Area Manager) and wife Mary ensure there is sufficient salmon and halibut to satisfy the hungry participants. The fish fry was hosted at the home of Frank and Maxine Jackson.  Andy Anderson contributed the excellent photographs.

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Herb Stanley Former ATD Manager

Kathy Hummel and Gloria Anderson

Jerry Morrel (NWS), Herb and Jack Hummel

Bill Murphy (Former Fairbanks ARTCC Manager) John Scullion, Jay Barr (Scully's Son and Law) Mary Zamorski (that's Bruno to her left)

Bruno Zamorski and Dottye Muhs

Dottye and Marge Simpson

Master Chef Dee Nelson, The Father of the Alaskan Region's Famous Fish Fry!

Dee and Mary Nelson - A Lifetime of Love, Devotion and Friendship.  The Nelson's celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in December. 

Our Time Editor Charlie Muhs and Dave Simpson (Former Division and Facility Manager) pose for photographer "Andy" Anderson.

Gathering of the Clan - From Left - Sandy Stanley (Herb's daughter), Louise Morrel, Bill Murphy, Marge Simpson, Dottye Muhs, Mary Zamorski.  Standing with his back to the camera is Bruno Zamorski. 

FAA Regional Administrator Kerry B. Long