Airmail Pioneers

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For a great look back in time, go to   There are at least a dozen airmail pioneers listed who we later knew in CAA/FAA.  Includes 4 airmail pilots that later I flew copilot for with Boeing in 1942.

One was Bob Ellis. On about my second flight with Boeing we had a bad bird. About ten minutes out we developed serious tail flutter. The horizontal stabilizer cracked in two on the leading edge.  The Aux Power unit jerked loose from the floor and thrashed around the the rear cabin. Bob feathered both inboard engines,  turned back,  told me to tell the Tower we were coming straight in even with a 20 mph tailwind and to tell our mechanic to jump out.  I replied OK, do we jump then? Bob said "Naw we better take this back so they can find what's wrong". I was real disappointed. The upshot, the mechanic refused to jump, Bob landed hard but safely as the rest of the right stabilizer broke off. I thought Gee, that nice desk in the regional office was a pretty nice job.  Another one was Ernie Allison, a well known airmail jockey. His daughter Nancy Allison Wright edits this. He was a great guy to fly with.

So have a look, it beats most TV shows!

Lee Warren

FAA Regional Administrator Kerry B. Long