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Internet and Email security has become a huge problem for businesses and everyday users of the Internet.  It seems like nothing is safe, our computers mysteriously run slower and pop-up ads show up all over our desktops.  We are told to stay away from some Internet sites, not to open attachments, not to open email from somebody you don't know and on and on!  It is enough to make us want to go back to telephones and snail mail, right?

What is a thinking person to do?  Is there any way to make the Internet safe?  What would you do in my place?  These are some of the questions asked of people who sell, maintain and/or try to help others use computers on the Internet today.  The main answer to these questions is that Web browsing, Email, downloading and etc. can be a lot safer for us if we take some precautions.  It is sort of like taking a flue or pneumonia shot.  Find a good Internet Security Suite from your local computer vendor or lookup one online, buy it and use it!

There are dozens of vendors out there, so it can be daunting to select the appropriate software for your use.  It is worth while to get recommendations from your computer manufacturer, your Internet service provider or even the local computer store.  Major manufacturers of computers like Dell, Hp, Gateway and etc. tend to use one of the suites listed below this paragraph.  These are places to start your learning process, just click on each link and read up on their product and compare for yourself.  Or, another place to look is by doing an Internet search for "Internet security software" on Google or Yahoo.

The Shield | Grisoft | Symantec | Pc-Cillin | McAfee

Most major Internet Service Providers also offer "FREE" Internet security software.  They are worth checking out - but do read up on them before you put your computer in their hands!

FAA Regional Administrator Kerry B. Long
Editor, Charlie Muhs